Teachers and School Staff Prioritized for Vaccinations

Coronavirus vaccine and Syringe illustration

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March 3, 2021 

The Houston Federation of Teachers, Texas AFT and our national union, the American Federation of Teachers announced a victory in our effort to get teachers and school staff prioritized for the vaccine. Our union lobbied the Biden administration to fix the injustice to our members resulting from Gov. Abbott’s decision to deny us access to the vaccine and we won!

The federal government is using the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program to implement its plan, which means it will concentrate on prioritizing school employees through vaccinations at pharmacies. Please read the e-mail below for more details. This is one more example of how HFT and AFT advocate for all school employees, regardless of union membership.

This victory would not have happened without AFT union members speaking out and through their HFT membership, investing in a union that can earn national media attention, and get the attention of the White House.

If you are not an HFT member, please take time today to thank a colleague who has been a union member for leading the fight for vaccine access, pay raises we have all benefitted from, and for holding HISD accountable.

I ask you to join HFT and unite with the thousands of your HISD colleagues who are working to win greater respect for our profession and fight for the schools our students deserve.

In Unity,

Jackie Anderson

Special Education Teacher and HFT President