It is the policy and the practice of the HFT to represent members in job threatening situations so long as the issue in dispute does not directly or indirectly predate their membership in the HFT. Under no circumstance will the HFT provide legal representation for any issue in which the root of the grievance or termination occurred prior to joining the HFT or during a period in which the employee has terminated their HFT membership.

As has been the policy and practice in the HFT, membership begins on the date that the membership application arrives to the HFT office, or an online application is received. That membership entitles the member to HFT staff representation. The member becomes entitled to legal representation as covered by the HFT Legal Defense Policy after the first dues payment has been received by HFT. Any issue requiring legal representation that occurs prior to the first due payment will be considered pre-existing. Membership applications will be processed immediately by HFT.

To withdraw your membership, please email Andrew Dewey, Membership ends when notice of withdrawal arrives in the HFT office, or the first pay period in which dues are not collected. Individuals are eligible to re-join with a new membership start date. A member who drops shall forfeit all rights to legal representation and all other union rights and privileges as soon as the drop reaches the HFT offices. Should a job-related problem occur after the employee has cancelled membership or fails to make any scheduled dues payment, it will be considered pre-existing and will not qualify for legal representation.

Effective Date: February 13, 2024