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Houston ISD Board of Mangers unanimously approves District of Innovation designation.
The survey was done by the Houston Federation of Teachers, a union highly critical of the state takeover of HISD.
Houston ISD Teachers Worried About New Open Door Policy
Houston Federation of Teachers Responds to TEA’s Takeover of HISD
Community Rallies to Support Librarians Fired by Houston ISD Outside District Headquarters
3 Things to Know about TEA’s Takeover of HISD
Judge Grants TRO Against HISD Over Evaluation System
Community Leaders Criticize HISD Turning Some Libraries into ‘Discipline Areas’
HISD Superintendent Faces Criticism Over Decision to Repurpose Libraries at Some Schools
Who’s Who on the New HISD Board of Managers

Real Solutions for Kids & Communities

Our national union, AFT, has launched our campaign, Real Solutions for Kids and Communities, that rejects the toxic attacks against public education in favor of working to strengthen public schools, making real solutions for kids a national priority. We are addressing learning loss, loneliness and literacy through transformative strategies that can be sustained, integrated and scaled to help children recover and thrive:

Take Back Our Schools | Photo Slides

Houston ISD’s District of Innovation Plan is everything but “innovative.” Click here to review the plan.

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Click here to read our national union’s “American Educator” as we address the importance to reading.

Click here to read our 1-pager on our national campaign to thrive.